The SafeSite Program includes:

  • Situational Analysis Workshops - Involving all stakeholders ensuring all key requirements and any current systems in place are understood.
  • Site Assessments - Walk your site to help identify your exact lockout tagout requirements.
  • Procedural Reviews - Through established partnerships with industry leaders we review existing lockout tagout procedures or create new ones.
  • Master Lock Safety Padlocks & Accessories - Innovative devices designed to effectively isolate energy sources in the workplace.
  • Custom Key Systems - Ensure that one employee’s key cannot open another employee’s personal padlock.
  • Custom Engraving - Customize safety padlocks with company logos or other details to minimize lock pilferage and enable quick and easy worker identification.
  • Plant Identification - Broad range of plant identification solutions including traffolite labels and RFID labelling to ensure you lockout the correct piece of equipment every time.
  • Product Expertise - Our experienced safety team has a broad range of solutions for difficult plant lockout tagouts.
  • Commitment - Post implementation of your lockout tagout system we provide ongoing ‘health checks’.
  • Support - Our National Customer Service team are experienced in lockout tagout and are able to recommend the correct solution for your lockout tagout requirements.
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